A one click order : the "Try me!" Ratatouille Box

The "Try me!" Ratatouille box offers a great seasonal selection for HKD 650 including delivery!

So simple to order, you will have your shot of vegetables for the coming week!

The Ratatouille team will make a selection based on availability of best seasonal products. We make sure to give you a nice diversity, without going on too unusual products.

Just for reference, last box included : Cherry tomato (500g) ; Corn (800g) ; Japanese cucumber (600g) ; Eggplant round (600g) ; Green oak leaf lettuce (400g) ; Red bell pepper (400g) ; Yellow bell pepper (400g) ; Leek (700g) ; Japanese pumpkin (1,5Kg) ; Red radish (400g) ; French bean (500g) ; 2 packs of Tomato (2x600g)

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