1 click : "Season's best Box"

8.1 kg
HKD 650.00

The "Season's best Box" offers a great seasonal selection for HKD 650 including delivery! (and temporarily HKD 775 during the Covid crisis, due to soaring logistic prices) 

So simple to order, you will have your shot of vegetables for the coming week!

The Ratatouille team will make a selection based on availability of best seasonal products. We make sure to give you a nice diversity, without going on too unusual products.

Just for reference, one average box may carry : Cherry tomato (500g) ; Corn (800g) ; Japanese cucumber (600g) ; Eggplant round (600g) ; Green oak leaf lettuce (400g) ; Red bell pepper (400g) ; Yellow bell pepper (400g) ; Leek (700g) ; Japanese pumpkin (1,5Kg) ; Red radish (400g) ; French bean (500g) ; 2 packs of Tomato (2x600g)