Ratatouille offers Hong Kong residents home delivery of vegetables that are natural, genuine, safe and ethical.

Natural : our vegetables are sourced in north Thailand from farms that strictly comply with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and promote sustainable farming. Depending on the season and variety some product are fully “organic” certified. More important than labels as such, we make sure our vegetables have been grown as nature intended and are not exposed to chemicals even after being harvested.

Genuineour vegetables are coming direct from real gardens, with real farmers, like in “potagers” that some of us may have seen in our childhood. The taste of vegetables that grew at a reasonable pace in clean, nourished soil, and well-maintained garden is unmistakable. We respect the seasonal cycle and deliver the best quality vegetables full of good nutrients and flavour, without interference to what nature intended.

Safe : the farms and farmers that we work with are committed to sustainable farming and natural growing methods. As a necessary precaution, laboratory tests are regularly run to confirm the absence of residual chemicals. In addition, we made and will continue to complete visual check in farms that we source from. Regular field visits, asking a lot of questions, drill into the details is a tangible approach to build trust.

Ethical : Ethical sourcing and sustainable development implies that we buy at a price that is “above the market”. But this is also a fair price as sustainable farming is labour intensive. In essence, we pay for honest labour, time and authenticity, not for the extra cost of chemicals. We believe this is the right equation and you will notice it when you taste the vegetables.