We provide delivery of fresh vegetables every week

Time to delivery : you may order before a cut-off date that is indicated on the home page, usually Monday before 13:00. Delivery in Hong Kong takes place the following Thursday (morning and early afternoon). The sequence is organised to provide enough time for the farmers to harvest while allowing enough time for logistics. It's a tight balance to maintain freshness and quality.

Custom order, direct from the farm : we offer vegetables that are in-season only. You can select a Box (best value for money, super quick order process) or hand-pick products you want for the week. There is not much time between harvest and delivery, vegetables can last in good condition significantly longer compared to what you get in regular supermarket : do not hesitate to fill the fridge for an entire week.

Availability : limitations when sourcing non-industrial farms : farms rely on Mother Nature. It is not possible to have accuracy on what will be harvested : we humbly ask customers to understand and accept this limitation. That is why we also activate payments after delivery only, you pay only for what you get (Payment after delivery, whether you choose credit card or bank transfer)

How are the vegetables packed and shipped? The vegetables are packed in carton boxes, locally produced in north Thailand, with locally recycled pulp. Paper bags that are in contact with vegetables are are food-contact compliant, made from sustainable resources certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) and produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Shipment is made by air, the only viable option to guarantee freshness.

Delivery areas and Fees : We currently only deliver Hong Kong Island, Tseung Kwan O, Clear Water Bay and the main residential buildings near ICC. We will extend the areas in the future. Feel free to contact us so we can prioritise areas where there is new demand. Fees : no delivery fee for individual order above HKD 650. HKD 100 fee for orders between HKD 300 and HKD 650, HKD 150 fee for orders less than HKD 300. PLEASE NOTE : These fees reflect the soaring price (x4) of air transportation from Thailand since Covid-19 profoundly disrupted the offer from airlines. We all terribly suffer from this situation. thanks for your understanding.