About us

Our family was relocated a few years ago in Bangkok, we enjoyed at our new home the best ratatouille ever. For those not too familiar with this dish, it is a kind of vegetables stew. Together with steamed rice, fried eggs, a drop of olive oil, it's just heaven.

This simple, traditional and healthy meal was one the most preferred meals of the kids - that's a high benchmark for a homemade dish!

We then moved back to Hong Kong. Vegetables available in HK just did not offer the same quality, the ratatouille had lost its magic! It lacked flavour, the colour was not right, the veggies watery, the taste so disappointing.

It all started from there.

How to source vegetables with great taste, that are safe and healthy? How to make a more direct link between farmers and customers? How to offer a large diversity of vegetables while respecting the seasons? How to make it available, at a reasonable price, here in Hong Kong?

With Ratatouille, we researched and established partnerships with sustainable farms in northern Thailand. We designed a simple yet sophisticated platform to order directly from farms and get your custom order delivered to your home.

We believe eating a good amount of veggies everyday is necessary. Not only because the health benefits are now well documented and understood, but also because it can be a real treat, a taste sensation! We also believe that enjoying the pleasure and health benefits of vegetables can only come with clean, fresh and safe products.

We give you the ability - if you feel the same way as we do - to get healthy and safe vegetables, rediscover the true taste of garden vegetables.